Things that could affect travel

Sudden Change of Condition

Though uncommon, it is possible that programs or activities abroad need to be modified or suspended by the university due to a sudden change of condition. In making this assessment, the university will consider:

1) the risks associated with continuing the activity at that location
2) the risk management plan for the students, faculty, or staff involved;
3) the value of the academic experience in that specific location.

The Vice Provost makes the final decision. In circumstances where students/faculty/staff are perceived to be in imminent danger and immediate action is required, the Vice Provost has the authority to suspend the affected programs or activities immediately and initiate evacuation proceedings.

Change in Circumstances after Approval

If travel plans are adjusted after the requisite approval has been granted, the traveler or program/activity sponsor is responsible for contacting the approvers to discuss the nature of the changes and review the conditions of approval.

If there is a change in circumstances within the terms of the proposed itinerary, the critical nature of the trip, or the health, safety, or security climate of the region of interest (either prior to or after departure), the University retains the right to withdraw the travel approval and/or require the traveler(s) to return to the United States.

Violation of travel procedures to restricted regions

The university will not support travel that takes place without adhering to the requirements of the Travel Procedures. To receive credit for coursework taken or research conducted in a Restricted Region, UTSA students must obtain IOC approval prior to travel. Violators may be denied credit or face non-academic sanctions.