Traveler Guidelines

 Whenever you travel abroad on behalf of UTSA:

6 to 3 months prior to travel – learn about your destination

  • Review country information for information on safety and security risks, passport, visa and vaccination requirements, local laws, money matters, and health, safety, and security.  If you are not a U.S. citizen check directly with the country’s consulate in the U.S. for visa information.
  • Monitor Travel Health Notices and health information for health and medical risks.
  • Determine if your destination requires approval from the International Oversight Committee, if your destination is on the UTSA Restricted Regions List, complete and submit  The Restricted Regions Travel request.

6 to 4 weeks prior to travel – set up your safety net

  • Obtain travel authorization. Follow the student or faculty/staff process.
  • Follow guidelines if traveling with UTSA-owned devices or equipment.
  • Follow export control regulations.
  • If an international student, check what you will need to re-enter the U.S.
  • Develop a Personal Emergency Action Plan. 

2 weeks prior to travel – get ready

  • Pack Smart. Take copies of key documents, check for prohibited items, and pack a health kit.

During your trip

  • If you feel sick, have an emergency, or need travel assistance contact On Call International 24/7. Identify yourself as UTSA faculty, staff, or student.
Call from anywhere in the world: +1 978-651-9722 

Call toll-free from US or Canada: 1-833-328-1091 


Text only number: 603-945-0103 

Live Chat:   

After your trip

  • Check common health issues travelers might experience after returning home.
  • If you feel sick, visit your doctor and let them know about your trip.