Academic Dismissal and Probation

Federal regulations require F-1/J-1 visa students to be enrolled full-time and working toward an educational goal. If a student is placed on academic probation or academically dismissed, your visa status would be negatively affected.

The student must speak to an international student advisor at International Student Services immediately when they are placed on academic probation or the student is academically dismissed.

Academic Probation

Academic probation might cause a mandatory reduction in course load, which would be viewed as a failure to enroll full time unless it could be authorized under one of the reduced course load provisions.

Academic Dismissal

Academic dismissal would prevent the student from enrolling at UTSA; academically dismissed students' SEVIS record will be terminated. Once a student's SEVIS record is terminated, the student must leave the country within 15 days of termination.

Approval for academic reinstatement does not mean automatic validation of a student's visa status. After you are academically reinstated, you must report to International Student Services and apply for a new I-20/DS-2019 form.

You must submit the following items to International Student Services:

  • Readmission letter/Reinstatement letter
  • Letter from your academic advisor stating how many semesters you will need to complete your program after reinstatement
  • Financial Support Documentation
  • Confirmation of Financial Resources, if you are seeing a new F-1 visa
  • DS-2019 Request Form, if you are seeking a new J-1 visa

NOTE: Federal regulations state that academic probation or suspension is not an acceptable reason for a program extension. A student who has been placed on academic probation and who is not able to complete his or her program by the program end date may not be eligible for an extension of stay unless other compelling reasons exist to support the extension request.