How to Request an International Academic Agreement

International agreements between UTSA and foreign universities or institutions are governed by a combination of Texas state law, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules, and UTSA policies. 

UTSA faculty or staff members seeking to establish an international agreement with a foreign university or entity must consult with the Global Relations Advisor, on goals and scope of the agreement. The GRA will be able to advise on if UTSA already has an existing relationship with the potential partner and the path forward for establishing new or additional university agreements and programs. After that, the UTSA requestor, must complete and send a signed International Agreements Request Form to

This form sets out relevant details of the proposed agreement including parties, the scope of proposed activities, and benefits to the university.  It also demonstrates review and approval by department and college leadership.  This form will provide the details necessary to draft an agreement. 

  • You must complete all sections of the International Agreements Request Form
  • Each new program proposal requires a completed International Agreements Request Form. 
  • Please note that international agreements take ample time to establish, so please begin this process as soon as possible. 
  • The GRA will help walk the requestor through the next steps, outlined below.

Steps To Creating the Agreement:

  1. Submit the signed request form to 
  2. The Global Relations Advisor will vet the initial proposal through the Office of Research Integrity and present the initiative to the Vice Provost for Global Initiatives for consideration. If approved, the GRA will draft the relevant agreement(s) needed, using the UT System-approved templates. 
  3. The Global Relations Advisor will send the agreement draft to the UTSA Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) for review and work alongside the partner institution representatives to review and approve the agreement. The UTSA faculty/staff sponsor will play an important consultative role to the GRA in this process. 
  4.  After incorporating all approved changes, the Global Relations Advisor will prepare the final agreement and obtain signatures from the Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and the commensurate partner representative.