AEP Testimonials

I learned a lot of things here in the United States. Before I came here, I didn't know Englishonly the basic wordsand AEP helped me progress to understand everything better. I also loved to learn about the Texan culture. AEP helped me understand things better here. I love Texas now! UTSA has people here from every country and they are very open to us.
Orcidio smiling and wearing a shirt that reads "UTSA Undergraduate Research"
Orcidio, Angola

Our instructors encouraged us not only to improve our English, but they also helped us learn the characteristics of various cultures in the U.S. They created an environment even outside of the classroom for us to improve our speaking.

I am still grateful for their positive and supportive attitudes.

Mustafa smiling at a desk with a hat that reads "Texas"
Mustafa, Turkey

I would say that learning English has [opened] so many doors for me and has brought me where I am now. I am not just talking about my professional life, but also my social life. Since I've learned English, I was able to build my network and met a lot of new people throughout those years.

The [AEP] teachers are just amazing and they have a great team always ready to help. When I joined the program it was hard for me at the time because I did not know the language, but after a while, I was already speaking and interacting with others. UTSA is forever part of my history, my career, and my life.

Headshot of Janete in professional attire
Janete, Angola

I had a wonderful experience with the Academic English Program. I feel more prepared and less stressed because the AEP helped me with my English. Plus, I like San Antonio and UTSA because I can meet people from all over the world.
Iskander sitting at the UTSA main campus
Iskander, Kazakhstan

The AEP is such a great experience that you are going to remember forever. Coming here to the U.S. is way different, and it's easier to learn English than doing it in your own country. You are always, in a good way, forced to speak English, but you have around you a good community.

That’s the program, that’s exactly what the AEP is meant to be: a good community.

Luca, Italy