Camryn Haby

Major: Communication

“Before I left for Semester at Sea, I had only heard stories of how past voyagers would come back a completely new person. I never expected that I too would become part of that number. Experiencing almost everything I had only learned about in classrooms in person, was such an immersive education that I never could have imagined. I traveled to 11 countries and went from learning about the slave trade and music in Ghana, to walking through the Elmina Castle, where they were kept until they were transported on the middle passage, and partaking in Ghanaian dances and drumming circles. The whole voyage shaped how I view education and how one should look at the world. I truly found myself and my passions while on this study abroad. Everyone I met was kind and willing to lend a helping hand and support whenever needed. I have made lifelong friends that live all over the world and despite us being from different backgrounds, we have this journey in common and so many other things despite coming from different places.”

- Camryn Haby