On Call International Information

All employees and students traveling abroad on behalf of the University must register their trip with On Call International (On Call) and obtain employee or student travel authorization prior to departure.

On Call is UT System’s travel and emergency assistance provider for all UT System institutions. On Call offers on-the-ground support, local expertise, preventative advice, and emergency assistance during critical illness, accident, civil unrest, or evacuation and repatriation.  Available services are listed below.

Register your trip with On Call:

Registration for destinations booked through the University Contracted Travel Agencies is automatic and no additional action is needed. 

To register destinations reached using personal or other outside arrangements, the traveler must take action to register them:

  1. Forward your booking confirmation emails for flight and/or lodging to trips@oncallinternational.com.
    • If you are not using your .edu email address to send the email, ensure you include that you are with UT San Antonio in the email
  • If you already know where you are staying, you can include the full address of your accommodations in the email along with your flight. As an alternative, you can include the address of where you’ll be doing most of your studying.
    • Include your US mobile phone number (optional, will allow mobile app registration)
  1. When On Call receives your trip information, it will be entered in their Travel Monitoring platform, which is powered by OnSolve:
  • Dependent upon the risk rating of your destination, you may receive a pre-travel advisory email with standing health and safety advice
  • You will be registered to receive critical incident alerts via email if any are issued for your destination shortly before your trip, or while you are traveling.
  • You will be registered to use the OnSolve Risk Intelligence application and receive an emailed invitation to download it. In order to optimize usage of the app, use the recommended settings found in the Mobile App User Guide 
  • Emails will deliver from OCI Alerts with an @stabilitas.io or @onsolve.com email domain, we suggest you take a moment to mark these as safe senders


Your coverage period and insurance benefits:

Please note that although you will register your trip itinerary with On Call, your coverage period is calculated based on the official activity dates authorized by the University (Example: conference first and last date, study abroad program start and end date, internship start and end date).

Log into the On Call Plan Information Portal with the UT Group ID 100143CPPD21 to learn more about the services and benefits available to you, gain access to pre-trip resources, find claim instructions, and access the Global Risk Intelligence site for country specific health, safety and cultural information and advice.


Request a Risk and Safety Pre-Departure Trip Review:

The team of security experts at On Call offers analysis on risks that exist in the region, local expertise, and preventative advice.  Program leaders and travelers can request a pre-departure risk and safety trip review. Complete a Pre-Trip Itinerary Review request and it will automatically submit a request to the On Call Security Team.

Before you leave:

Ensure you always have access to On Call contact and plan information in the easiest place to get it - on your phone. Click Plan ID from your mobile device and follow single prompt to save to the home screen of your phone. 

This is not an app and does not require any login or personal details. Opening the Plan ID from your mobile device will allow you to click-to-dial On Call, open a 24/7 Live Chat link and access other plan documents such as the full plan description and tele-counseling information. 


Get Emergency or Travel Assistance:

Contact the On Call International Global Response Center via phone, live chat or email. Identify yourself as a UT San Antonio faculty, staff, or student.

001 978-651-9722 

24/7 Live Chat: www.oncallinternational.com/chat/direct



If you are a UT employee not enrolled in the UT Employee Benefits plan, you can Purchase a personal insurance policy that includes medical coverage such as a WorldTrips policy, which is a sister company of On Call.