Our Staff



Lisa J. Montoya, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and Senior International Officer

Email: lisa.montoya@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7211

We provide institutional leadership in pursuing, shaping, and supporting UTSA’s goals for advancing comprehensive internationalization. Common topics include: questions about the International Oversight Committee (IOC) functions and process, programming at UTSA Global Study Center at Urbino, Italy, how to develop UTSA-led programs (including proposal process) best practices in Risk Management for study abroad, how to establish an international research collaboration, etc.

John Murphy, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Provost, Global Initiatives Executive Director, UTSA Global Study Center - Italy

Email: john.murphy@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-3026

Rhonda Waller, Ed.D.

Sr. Director International Services

Email: rhonda.waller@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7241

International Scholar and Student Services

Ashley Wallace

Director, International Student and Scholar Services

Email: ashley.wallace@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-8510

We assist international students and scholars during their time here at UTSA. Via in-person advising or virtual office hours, we are here to help you navigate the rules and regulations of attending university in the United States. Common topics include: immigration document processing, health insurance, internship / employment questions, enrollment matters, and extension of stay process. We also work with departments who are hiring and supporting international faculty and researchers. 

Rafael Fersaca

Sr. Advisor, International Students

Email: rafael.fersaca@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7261

Jacqueline Guillen

Advisor, International Students

Email: jacqueline.guillen@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-8115


Advisor, International Student and Scholar Services

Email: @utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7202

Study Abroad


Sr. Program Manager, Study Abroad

Email: @utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-8202

We advise students about UTSA’s many international opportunities. Via in-person advising or virtual office hours, we are here to guide you through the various phases of planning your ideal study abroad program. Common topics include: how transfer of credit works, funding opportunities, program features, and pre-application steps and post-acceptance procedures. 

Rosa Virginia Mendez

Program Manager, Study Abroad

Email: rosavirginia.mendez@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-8202

Chephren Branconier

Program Specialist, Study Abroad

Email: chephren.branconier@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7203

English Language Center

Blanca Pokorney

Director, English Language Center

Email: blanca.pokorney@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-6136

The ELC provides academic ESL instruction and cultural orientation for English language learners who are primarily interested in pursuing degrees at UTSA and/or other U.S. institutions. Via in-person advising or virtual hours, we are here to provide advice on how to begin your studies at UTSA while improving your English proficiency. Common topics include: English Language Center Programs including Graduate Pathway and Academic English Program, Consultation on the development and implementation of English as a Second Language Programs for professional development, Personal and academic advising for international students enrolled in the English Language Center Programs, AEP and Graduate Pathway  Application process, Global Connections, Coffee and Conversation, and Tutoring Services

Luz Torres Leon

Project Specialist

Email: luz.torresleon@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7677

Cristian Aldrete

Project Specialist

Leidy Bello

Student Development Specialist I

Email: leidy.bellocristancho@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-5801

Minako Shibazaki

Master Instructor and Lead Curriculum Specialist, English Language Center

Email: minako.shibazaki@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7677

Laila Aghai

ESL Specialist, English Language Center

Email: Laila.Aghai@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-8177

Sarah Munsell

ESL Specialist

Email: Sarah.munsell@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-8177

Mateusz Donda

ESL Specialist, English Language Center

Maria Clarke

ESL Specialist, English Language Center

Global Engagement

Carelli De la Garza Torres

Senior Program Manager

Email: carelli.delagarzatorres@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7231

We serve the UTSA community and partners by hosting international visitors and advising on types of international academic agreements, global initiatives, and special programs. This unit is also in charge of official communications and organizing engagement events for international and globally-minded students. 

Carlos De La Garza

Global Relations Advisor

Email: carlos.delagarza@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-5074

Sarah Esquivel

Program Specialist

Email: sarah.esquivel@utsa.edu



Administrative Services Officer

Email: @utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7211

We provide administrative support for Global Initiatives’ units.  

Erika Flores

Program Specialist

Email: erika.flores3@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7370

Joseph Ortiz

Budget Specialist

Email: joseph.ortiz@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-8550