Travel and Safety

GEV Pre-Departure Orientation Booklet. This booklet has essential information about the program including travel information, contact addresses, and mailing addresses. Appendix 4.1 includes directions on getting to Urbino from the Bologna airport which you can consult if there is a delay in your flight arrival that causes you to miss the charter bus.

GEV Orientation Booklet. This booklet provides helpful information on Urbino and travel in Europe that you can use during your semester abroad.

GEV Directions on Getting from Bologna to Urbino. This booklet provides instructions for your arrival in Bologna including instructions on travel to Urbino if there is a delay and you miss the bus that is provided.

Shuttle Italy Airport. A very good option for getting from the Bologna Airport directly to Urbino is the Shuttle Italy Airport. A shuttle will pick you up at the airport and take you to Urbino (there is a short transfer in Rimini). The cost is €40. Since the shuttle only runs on demand, you must reserve the trip at least 24 hours in advance. The shuttle runs 7 days a week with regular departure times from 10:30 am until 1:00 am.

Hotel Bologna Airport Shuttle Information. For those of you arriving in Bologna a day early and staying at the Hotel Bologna Airport, you should select the “Sleep and Fly” option which includes an airport shuttle. This is slightly cheaper than paying for the cost of the shuttle on its own (€14 which can be paid at the hotel front desk). The hotel-shuttle schedule is posted on the hotel website. To catch the shuttle from the airport, leave the airport through the main entrance “Ingresso principale,” turn right, and walk over to the far side of the parking lot. The pickup point is indicated on the photo below. If you need to check on the shuttle, you can call the hotel: Tel: +39 051 409211.