Study Abroad FAQs

Why Should I Study Abroad?

There are several benefits to studying abroad! Students commonly report that they gain deeper global knowledge and understanding, strengthen their communication skills, enhance their problem-solving skills and become more independent. It's also great for developing intercultural sensitivity and communication skills, language abilities, the ability to deal with ambiguity, and adaption to new surroundings, which are all important skills that employers value. The Institution for International Education notes "Globalization has changed the way the world works, and it is increasingly critical to have cross-cultural competence and cutting-edge technical skills in the market for today and in the future." Studying abroad also enables students to see the world and explore something new!


The minimum GPA requirement to study abroad is 2.5, but some programs may have higher GPA requirements. Every program will have its own unique requirements related to class standing, major, pre-requisites, etc., so please be sure to check the specific program brochure to confirm requirements. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding eligibility requirements.

Advising and Information Sessions

Yes, we offer Study Abroad 101 sessions every Tuesday at 2pm and every Wednesday at 11am via Zoom. Make sure to register for the sessions by clicking here. We recommend attending one of these sessions first, then booking a virtual advising session if you have further questions or need more specific information.
Yes, we offer virtual advising sessions and these can be scheduled on our Bookings site. We recommend students attend a Study Abroad 101 session before scheduling a one-on-one appointment.
Send us an email at and we will reply in 2-3 business days.

Application Deadlines and Process

Yes! Once you decide on which program you would like to move forward with, you can withdraw your applications from the other programs or you can contact our office and we can withdraw you.
Apply as soon as possible! Some programs are very popular and fill up well before the application deadline. It is especially recommended to apply early for exchange programs and UTSA-led programs.
October 15th
February 15th
March 15th
The Study Abroad Office will review applications shortly after the application deadline, so you can typically expect an update within a few weeks. However, some programs may offer application deadline extensions which may delay this process slightly.
We recommend committing to your program in the Portal as soon as possible to confirm your participation. The hard deadline to commit to your program in the portal is one month after acceptance.

A $75 application fee is assessed for all students applying to participate in study abroad and exchange programs. There is also an Education Abroad Program Fee for credit-bearing programs of $150. These fees are non-refundable.

After we have reviewed and accepted your application, you will be charged the fees listed above. These charges will be billed to your ASAP account.


UTSA-Led Programs

These programs are taught and led by UTSA faculty and staff who have the expertise to offer unique, academic experiences abroad. Program length varies from 1-2 weeks to a full semester. Great for a first-time traveler because you are going in a group of Roadrunners with a UTSA faculty/ staff member!
You will submit your application through the Study Abroad Portal for the program you are interested in. Our office will notify you via email of your application status.
Typically, approved classes are predetermined per UTSA-led program, but some programs offer different course selections. Check the program brochure in the study abroad portal to confirm available courses and credit hour options. You do not have to complete a Credit Verification form for UTSA-led programs.
Most UTSA-led programs are offered during the summer, but there are also programs available over winter break or the semester.

Exchange Programs

These programs allow students to study at a university with which UTSA has a special agreement. Under an exchange program, students pay the equivalent of 15 credit hours of in-state tuition and fees at UTSA, and all other costs are paid to the host university. You can also use your Financial Aid package, which makes this an affordable opportunity. For more information on available exchange programs, please visit our Program Directory.
You will submit your application through our portal, and we will review it and interview you. Many of these exchange programs are highly competitive, so we recommend taking your time on the essay portion of the application while also being conscious of application deadlines. Please refer to the Cost & Eligibility tab of each exchange program for more information about admission criteria.

Affiliated Programs

These programs are coordinated and managed by outside organizations. Program costs are set by each program provider. Costs vary by the length of the program, location, and cost of living. Programs are available for the summer, fall, spring, winter, or academic year. It is important to meet with your academic advisor to determine how the academic coursework may apply to your UTSA degree.
You will need to apply through the UTSA Study Abroad Portal in addition to the application for the respective affiliate provider program. It is required to apply to the affiliate program before we are able to review your application in the UTSA study abroad portal.


It is required for students to be enrolled in the equivalent of full-time course load during a semester or year-long study abroad program. In the summer, students do not have to maintain full-time status.
For UTSA-led programs and exchange programs, look at the brochure in the Study Abroad Portal for the program you are interested in and click on the 'Academics' tab for links to course information. For affiliated programs, you will click the homepage link on the brochure page in the Study Abroad Portal, which will direct you to the affiliate program's website.
Yes, the grades earned during study abroad programs will be included in your cumulative GPA calculation.

One of the most important goals for your study abroad experience is to make certain that while you are abroad, you are still making normal progress towards graduation. Before applying to study abroad, make sure to meet with your academic advisor to ensure this opportunity fits well with your degree plan.

Receiving credit for your opportunity abroad involves completing and submitting the Credit Transfer Verification Form (You do not have to complete a Credit Verification form for UTSA-led programs).

As of February 16, 2024*, we will begin using Docusign to complete the Credit Verification Form:

  • To begin the Credit Verification Form process, please send an email to with the subject "Credit Verification Form".
  • Once we receive this message, our office will send you the form via Docusign and you will complete the first section.
  • Docusign will then send the form onto the Study Abroad Office to complete sections 2-4. The form will then be sent to your advisor.
  • You should plan to meet with your advisor to work with them on sections 5-6. Once the form is complete, both you and your advisor will sign the form in Docusign and you, your advisor, and the Study Abroad Office will all receive a copy.
  • If you have already began the Credit Verification Form process with the original PDF form, you may continue the previous process and do not need to request a Docusign form.
It can take several months for a transcript to be received by UTSA Study Abroad after a student's study abroad program is complete. Once Study Abroad receives the transcript, we will send the transcript and the complete Credit Verification Form to the Registrar's Office so the courses may be added to a student's transcript. The courses on the Credit Verification Form MUST match the transcript received or a new Credit Verification Form will need to be completed, signed, and submitted. Our office will contact you if the Form and transcript do not match and ask you to re-submit the Form.


Costs vary by program, location, local cost of living, and program inclusions (housing, excursions, in-country support). This information will be listed on the program's brochure in the Study Abroad Portal or on the program's homepage for affiliated programs. All applicants will be assessed a non-refundable $75 application fee and non-refundable $150 Education Abroad Program Fee. A fee for On Call International insurance is assessed for all students each week they are abroad while enrolled in a study abroad program. On Call International coverage is a University of Texas System requirement for all travelers (UTSA is a UT System school). Studying abroad can be an affordable and accessible experience and there are program options to meet various budgets!

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students may be able to use federal and state financial aid, alternative and private loans, and grants to finance study abroad programs. Be sure to meet with a financial aid advisor at One Stop Enrollment and they can assist you with the process of applying your financial aid package to your study abroad program. You also need to submit a Financial Aid Study Abroad Request Form to the One Stop office through their document uploader. Please contact Financial Aid at (210) 458-8000 if you have further questions.
No, apply for financial aid as soon as possible!
Yes, various scholarships are available for study abroad programs. Please visit our Funding page for more information.
All students participating in a study abroad program for credit are encouraged to apply for the International Education Fund scholarship. Pell grant recipients are encouraged to apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Additionally, many affiliate programs and partner universities offer scholarships and more information can be found on their websites. Please see the Funding page for details.
You may choose any of the names listed for UTSA in the drop-down menu for your study abroad advisor and financial aid advisor."
In many cases, yes! It is best to talk to someone in the Center for Military Affiliated Students for further details and advisement. Visit the CMAS at John Peace Library (JPL) 1.12 or contact them by phone (210) 458-4540 or email Any questions regarding Hazelwood Act benefits should also be addressed to the CMAS.

Passports and Visas

Yes! A valid passport is your most important travel document. It is required that you present it when you leave and re-enter the United States. It will be needed to prove your citizenship as you enter and exit other countries. Please visit the Passports and Visa page of our website for more information on how to apply for a passport and important notes on passport validity."
Entry and exit requirements for each country vary and visas may be required depending on length of stay, purpose of stay, citizenship status and other factors. For U.S. citizens, the U.S. Department of State provides Consular Information Sheets detailing entry and exit requirements for every country. Many program brochure pages and affiliate websites will contain destination and program specific information related to visas. Please visit the Passports and Visa page of our website for more information.
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