You just had an incredible experience studying abroad, now what? How do you use your experience in the rest of your education and your life?
  • Keep in touch with your host family and your study abroad friends
    • Keeping in touch with not only your host family but also friends who share your study abroad experience, is a great way to increase your personal and professional network. Chances are that you share similar interests which may lead to career opportunities in the future.
  • Study Abroad and Career Opportunities
    • Visit UTSA’s Career Center GoinGlobal portal – GoinGlobal is packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities at home and abroad. Login via Handshake to access GoingGlobal for free.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor and confirm your course credit hours have transferred
    • Toward the end of your first semester back at UTSA, meet with your Academic Advisor. Be sure to go over all of your international transcripts and verify that the course credit hours have transferred and were applied appropriately to your degree plan.
  • Share your experience with other students planning on studying abroad
    • We are always looking for students who willing to share their study abroad experience with others. Offer to volunteer for UTSA Education Abroad at our study abroad events. We have our Study Abroad Fair every fall and spring semester!
  • Get a job with International Services
    • International Services often has work-study positions available. These students have studied abroad, work with prospective study abroad, and incoming international students. Check RowdyJobs for available positions each semester.
  • Preserve your pictures, journals, movies, and audio
    • Why not scrapbook or create a video of your pictures and journal entries? In that way, you'll always have those great memories to look back on. You can share these with International Services; we can use them to market study abroad opportunities to others.
  • Work with international students on campus
    • Now that you know what international students go through in their first few weeks in a new country, you may be interested in helping our incoming students to acclimate to US college life. Upon your return let us know if we can pair you with one of our incoming students and we will add you to our lists.
  • Study abroad again!
    • If there are still places and subjects that you'd like to explore, there are always more study abroad programs. You can work them into your program with a little planning. Why not start a whole new adventure?
  • Meet with your Education Abroad advisor after you return to see how you might be able to share your study abroad experience.