Academic Advising

Study abroad is an enriching personal and professional experience. One of the most important goals is to make certain the experience advances you towards your degree completion. With so many options with UTSA –led programs and our international partners, this is easy to do with some planning.

The number of academic credit hours a student earns and how those credits apply toward the degree completion depends on several factors including the program type, course content, course level, and the number of contact hours. After attending a First Steps Info Session, your next step is to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss the programs and courses you are considering and determine how each will fulfill your degree requirements. Before meeting with your academic advisor, it would be helpful to have the course description or syllabi of the courses you plan to take from the other institution.

In some cases, students will submit petitions to earn credits towards their degree which will need to be approved by your department chair. This process is a bit lengthy and you should start it at least 3-4 months before you depart. Receiving credit for your opportunity abroad involves completing the Credit Transfer Verification Form, which also comes with instructions for you and your advisor! Throughout the process, we will be here for you to ensure you are on track for your trip.


How it Works: 

  • UTSA Faculty-Led Study Abroad: Participants are typically registered in resident UTSA courses. Even though this is a UTSA course, students still need to make sure the course counts toward their degree. Students pay UTSA tuition and earn grades like any other course.
  • Exchange Programs and affiliated programs: Before departure, students receive advance approval for course credit transfer. Once complete, academic credits are earned as transfer credits. Students who study abroad in approved programs remain UTSA students for the duration of their program. Official transcripts from a college or university abroad must be mailed back to Study Abroad for these credits to be processed. This can take some time so it is important to request transcripts as soon as possible.
  • UTSA International research, field study, or internship program: Participants in one of these UTSA approved experiences will be registered in a UTSA shell course or their department’s course. Students earn grades from UTSA. Tuition and fees will vary depending on the number of credit hours approved for the international experience.

Course Credit FAQs

  • Will I need to consult my Academic Advisor before going abroad to have all of my courses approved?
    • To obtain approval for course credit abroad your courses need to be approved by your department and college. See your Academic Advisor to begin the approval process for your program of study.
  • Do my study abroad credits get transferred in?
    • For all programs in which you receive a foreign transcript, courses will be transferred with the grade that was earned. If the credit is issued by the U.S. Institution of Record the courses will also be transferred with the grade that was earned.
  • Are my grades from abroad averaged into my cumulative grade-point average?
    • Your grades are averaged into your GPA, but not to your UTSA GPA.
  • How is credit processed for graduate students?
    • The process is the same for graduate students as undergraduates.  Graduate students will have the transcript sent to the UTSA Graduate School to have their credits recorded.
  • What will happen if I fail a course?
    • You will receive transfer credit of an F on your UTSA transcript.