Conferences, Internships, Volunteering, Independent Study

Being a college student gives you the option of doing truly unique things that will help you find your true calling. We encourage you to explore all your options and find the best path for yourself. We are here to help you make your dream a reality! 

If you are doing independent research for credit or non-credit, participating in a program with a third-party provider that we do not have listed, attending a conference abroad, or participating in some other independent international learning experience, please review the relevant programs below to learn more, and then fill out the general application for International Learning Experiences.

Reasons to choose a Global Internship or Independent Study Abroad:

  • Businesses are increasingly growing into international companies and utilizing skills gained from a study abroad experience gives potential employees an edge that others lack. 
  • Finding an independent global opportunity is a great way to find a niche program that caters specifically to your interests.
  • Findings suggest that all stakeholders identify clear connections between international experience and employability. (Source)

Independent Study, Research, Field Study or Internships (For Credit)

  • You are participating in a study abroad program through a university or provider that we do not have listed on our website and are receiving credit
  • You are doing research abroad or fieldwork and are receiving independent credit
  • You are participating in an internship for credit that we do not have listed in our programs

Research and Field Work (Non-Credit)

  • You are doing research or fieldwork for a continuous project, thesis, or dissertation but are not receiving credit
  • You are doing research or fieldwork with another university or provider that we do not have listed and are NOT receiving credit
  • AND you want to remain active at UTSA

Work, Internship, Volunteering (Non-Credit)

  • The work, internship, or volunteer program abroad falls under the educational umbrella of UTSA that is either for a student organization or requires a university affiliation that grants no credit.

International Attendance Conference/Athletics Events (Non-Credit)

  • You attend ANY conference abroad that utilizes your affiliation to UTSA 
  • You attend ANY athletic event that is UTSA sponsored

International Learning Experiences Application

If your international learning experience is not listed formally in the UTSA Abroad portal, you must fill out the general application for international learning experiences, which includes, but is not limited to: conferences, field work, independent study, internships, research, volunteering, and other forms of student travel, pertaining to both undergraduate and graduate programs.

General Application* >> 

*This application is for students traveling abroad via programs NOT listed in the UTSA Abroad portal, per the description above.

To view internship and independent study opportunities listed in the UTSA Abroad portal, click the link below.

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