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International SOS Information

All employees and students traveling abroad on behalf of the University must register their trip in International SOS and obtain employee or student travel authorization prior to departure.

ISOS is UT System’s travel and emergency assistance provider for all UT System institutions. ISOS offers on-the-ground support, local expertise, preventative advice, and emergency assistance during critical illness, accident, civil unrest, or evacuation and repatriation.  Available services are listed below.

Register your trip in ISOS. Registration for destinations booked through the University Contracted Travel Agencies is automatic.  To register destinations reached using personal or other outside arrangements, the traveler must take action to register them. Find instructions at: international-travel/Register travel in ISOS

Review your coverage period and insurance benefits at the International Travel Insurance webpage. Please note that although you will register your trip itinerary in ISOS, your coverage period is calculated based on the official activity dates authorized by the University (Example: conference first and last date, study abroad program start and end date, internship start and end date).

Request a Risk and Safety Pre-Departure Trip Review. The team of security experts at ISOS offers analysis on risks that exist in the region, local expertise, and preventative advice.  Program leaders and travelers can request a pre-departure risk and safety trip review. Follow these 2 easy steps to request it.

Get Emergency or Travel Assistance. Call ISOS 24/7 at +1-215-942-8059.  Identify yourself as a UTSA faculty, staff, or student.

Use the ISOS UT Membership ID 11BSGC000037 to:

  • Download and set up the ISOS Assistance App on your smartphone.  It will provide you with regularly updated travel information and one-touch dialing to security and medical experts.
  • Print the International SOS membership card to carry it with you. Log in to ISOS.
  • If you are a UT employee not enrolled in the UT Employee Benefits plan, you can purchase an ISOS business traveler personal membership with medical coverage.  Use the UT Membership to get a discount.
  • Create your Emergency record. Log into ISOS and click on the Emergency Record icon on the right-hand side of the screen to start creating your record.  This gives you a secure place to store copies of your passport, prescriptions, vaccination records, known allergies, etc.  This will provide ISOS a complete picture to assist in your care.