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The Roadmap to Clear
Speech and Confidence

Accent Modification



Over the span of his career, John Kostovich has taught over a thousand students, and almost as many classes in the field of Accent Modification. His teaching methodology has advanced the educational and professional goals of a wide variety of students including university students and professionals in every field. His extensive experience includes teaching in Iran, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, and the U.S., working with prestigious institutions such as the Defense Language Institute (DLI) and the Centro Colombo Americano.

Program Description

This is a seven-week course designed to meet the needs of advanced non-native speakers of English who use English in a professional setting. These speakers generally have studied English grammar, writing, and reading skills and have taken numerous conversation classes over many years, yet still do not always speak as clearly as they need to speak or would like to speak. These speakers want to know what to do to modify their English speaking skills so that their speech will more closely approximate natural American English rhythm and melody without having to enroll in another grammar, reading, writing, or conversation class.

A Varied Approach

The course is focused on developing English rhythm and melody, and raising the clients’ awareness of clear speech through knowledge of the rules of English pronunciation. Participants will do a variety of exercises in class online: communicative exercises ranging from mechanical to open; working in small groups and pairs; making audio recordings and getting feedback, which helps them monitor their own speech; and doing additional listening and speaking lab activities in the MyELT online workbook.

Learn the Rules of Clear Speech

The rules of speech that lead to clear speaking will be the focus throughout the course. These include identifying and using: word stress, thought groups, focus words, final sounds and linking, and speech rhythm (sentence stress and un-stress, intonation, consonant sounds, and vowel sounds). Most clients who take this course are unaware of these rules that make speech clear.

Walk Away with Confidence

Once participants finish this course, they will have the fundamental linguistic tools and strategies they need to continue to improve their speech. They will also develop the confidence in speaking that comes with knowing the rules for achieving English rhythm and melody.

Improve Professional Image

Additionally, the course develops English pronunciation and listening skills that can transfer to professional settings such as preparing a lecture or presentation; speaking and participatingat department meetings, conferences, or seminars; and other everyday English use.

Our Clients

Our clients come from all over the world with a variety of language backgrounds. We work with speakers of Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and many other languages. Our clients are professionals coming from every field, including administrators, educators, engineers, medical professionals, politicians, students, and much more. Read what they have to say on our testimonials page:

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Course Dates: 

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Course modality:

Online synchronous course


Please feel free to read through our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see your question answered on our site, please feel free to contact us via our online inquiry form, or contact us directly to request an information session:

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  • Speech assessment
  • Accent Modification course
  • Online workbook
  • Personalized speech profile
  • Listening diagnostic
  • Post-class evaluation
  • Certificate upon completion


  • Speech assessment

  • Accent Modification course

  • Online workbook

  • Personalized speech profile

  • Listening diagnostic

  • Post-class evaluation

  • Certificate upon completion

  • Private tutoring sessions (maximum of 7)

  • Personalized plan for future improvement by native language

  • Access to class recordings two months after end of session

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