Re-Entry Shock

Re-entry shock is a side effect of living in another culture. You might be frustrated with things in the United States; it is the reverse of the culture shock you had when you arrived in your host country.
You might have a difficult time reconnecting with friends and family upon your return. You may feel like you no longer fit in, and that life in the United States has moved on without you.
Return shock is temporary. You will be able to re-adjust to life back in the United States. Be patient, flexible, and understanding.
Changes you may notice:
  • Increased awareness of international issues and needs.
  • More open-minded.
  • Increased independence.
  • A more realistic spectrum of success standards.
  • More tolerance of different viewpoints.
  • Competence in another language.
  • Increased sensitivity to differences in people and greater acceptance of diversity.
  • More complex self-awareness will help when making decisions.
  • An increase in creativity, combining different cultural ideas.