The Study Abroad Experience Podcast

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Meet our Guests! 


Making A Global Impact & Service Learning Abroad 

Jay'Len Boone

South Africa & Hong Kong

Jay'Len discusses his journey working on the ground with communities abroad and how it has enhanced his academic and professional career in International Development.  



How Studying Abroad Can Change Your Life & Advice for Funding Your Program

Montana Meeker

Ireland & China 

Montana highlights her experience as an exchange student in Shanghai, China, interning in Dublin, Ireland, and offers advice for students looking to funding their study abroad programs on a budget. 



Professional Development & Global Networking Abroad 

Biljana Jovanova & Carelli De la Garza

Germany, France, India & Taiwan

Biljana & Carelli discuss the long-term professional benefits of studying abroad, expanding your world view, and building a strong global network as international students.



About the Podcast
The Study Abroad Experience is a podcast created to help prepare you for your academic and professional endeavors around the world! Tune in to hear from globally-minded students and alumni about their unique journeys abroad. 
Produced by Sarah Elsunni '19